Who can join ARDICI ?

  • Artisans registered in the CMA-NC Directory of Crafts and working in stone, leather, wood, earth, textiles, jewellery, glass, metal and weaving. The list of crafts is available on the INMA website http://www.institut-metiersdart.org
  • Wood carvers having only a RIDET registration
  • Artisans offering a range of products for the tourism market: cosmetics, essential oils, engravings, candles, silk screen prints, etc.

Informal sector associations, collectives and activities do not qualify for the scheme.

Products must be made locally.

Why join ARDICI ?

  • To gain an edge over your competitors

    To gain an edge over your competitors

    A logo, a clear symbol of your commitment to local craft values, which you can affix beside your own brand.

    An easily recognisable reference on which customers can rely to ensure the products they purchase are authentic and locally made.

    A selling point effective in raising customer awareness about iconic New Caledonian products.

    A membership pack comprising promotional material : labels, flyers, posters …

    A coordinated, broadly disseminated communication strategy to ensure greater economic impact.

  • To gain the benefits of a proactive approach aimed at a wide audience

    To gain the benefits of a proactive approach aimed at a wide audience

    A brand targeting local purchasers (individuals, businesses, communities) and customers from abroad (visitors from France, cruise passengers, foreign tourists, international trade shows, exports and e-commerce).

    Brand promotion to these target markets with the support of key economic, cultural and tourism players.

    Members who are ambassadors for a brand they value and protect. The individual commitment of each member to the brand creates a spirit of positive emulation which benefits all its users.

  • To obtain an official recognition of your specific identity and products

    To obtain an official recognition of your specific identity and products

    Recognition that your products are locally sourced and are craft products, as proved by a logo.

    A protected mark, under the aegis of the New Caledonia Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

    Endorsement of your special and specific skills and methods.

    A determination shared by all members to boost awareness and appreciation of their skills and know-how.

How can I join ARDICI ?

Becoming an ARDICI member is a voluntary process engaged by any company submitting an application in accordance with a standard procedure. The procedure is simple and involves no admission or renewal fee.

The award criteria are transparent and based on two key principles: the New Caledonian origin of the finished products and the method used to make them.

Application for ARDICI mark membership involves submitting an application file to the Awarding Committee.

Step 1

Get your application file

You can get your application file from the CMA NC head office or from local branches (La Foa, Panda, Koné, Poindimié).

CMA Head Office

    10, avenue James Cook Nouville,
    BP 4186 Nouméa
    Monday - Thursday : 07h30 - 16h00
    Friday : 07h30 - 15h00
    28 23 37


    5, lotissement Secal, BP 155
    Monday - Thursday : 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 16h30
    Friday : 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 15h30
    42 74 82


    848 avenue de Téari, lotissement Cassis, Pont Blanc,
    BP 641 Koné
    Monday - Thursday : 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 16h30
    Friday : 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 15h30
    47 30 14


    Avenue Ch. De Gaulle
    (bât de l'ancienne mairie), BP 56
    La Foa
    Monday - Thursday : 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 16h30
    Friday : 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 15h30
    46 52 86


    373 rue de l’industrie, BP 4709, DUMBEA
    Monday - Friday: 07h30 - 12h00
    Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday: 07h30 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 16h30
    24 32 62

The following documents must be included with your application :

  • Summary of your career
  • Description of your products
  • Description of your tools and production methods
  • Digital photos showing you, your workshop and your products

You can ask for a CMA-NC officer to help you put your application file together.

If more than one type of product is concerned (e.g. a company making both fabric and jewellery designs), you will need to submit two separate applications (one file for fabric products and one file for jewellery products).

Step 2 

Send in your application file


You should post your completed application file, together with all supporting documents, before the specified closing date for submission, to :

The President of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts
10 avenue James Cook – Nouville
BP 4186
98 848 Nouméa Cédex.

In 2018, Awarding Committee meetings will be held on 6 June, 4 July and 26 September. Application deadlines are 9 May for the 6 June Awarding Committee, 4 June for the 4 July Awarding Committee and 27 August for the 26 September Awarding Committee.

Step 3

Hand in a sample of your work


Hand in a representative sample of your products at the CMA head office or branches at least 15 days before the date set for the Awarding Committee to convene (samples are returned no later than 15 days after the committee meets).

What you need to know


Members undertake to :

  • Comply with the rules applicable to the specific activity covered by their membership
  • Comply with regulations governing use of the ARDICI mark. These regulations set out the ARDICI mark framework of operations, the conditions of use for the mark and the obligations of contracting parties
  • Take part in the mentoring and support session organised by the CMA-NC concerning terms of use and brand building
  • Use the communication kit exclusively for their own products
  • Affix the mark to their products and ensure its use is clear and unambiguous from the customer’s point of view
  • Comply with the graphic charter provided for the ARDICI mark
  • Promote the ARDICI mark to their customers
  • Abstain from damaging the reputation and image of the mark
  • In the event of any non-compliance with such undertakings, the Awarding Committee may decide to suspend a member’s right to use the mark
  • Agree to your workshop being inspected at any time by a CMA-NC officer

The CMA-NC undertakes to :

  • Coordinate, develop and drive mark-related communication
  • Organise mentoring sessions focussing on brand use
  • Use its own means of communication to promote the mark
  • Promote the mark in New Caledonia and internationally
  • Protect the mark

Awarding Committee

The Awarding Committee is chaired by the President of the CMA-NC and composed of six members: one representative for each of the three provinces, one elected Chamber representative and two CMA-NC officers.

The Awarding Committee meets at least once a year.

It rules on the admissibility of applications. The decision is taken by a majority of votes cast by members present. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman has the casting vote.

The decision of the Awarding Committee is communicated by post to the applicant company.

The ARDICI mark is awarded for a period of three years, renewable on request.

If an application is refused, the reasons for such refusal will also be communicated to you by post. You will be able to submit a new application when the Committee next meets if you have taken steps to meet the criteria given for refusing your first application.

What are the criteria for awarding the ARDICI mark ?

  • The non-industrial nature of production processes
    Regardless of the legal definition of the craft industry, it is common practice to define the so-called « artisanal » production process by contrasting it with the « industriel » process. Thus, artisanal production means that little division of work is involved, that manual tasks are essential, mainly non-repetitive, and require a high degree of knowledge and skill.
  • Production in New Caledonia
    The activity involving design, production and transformation in one of New Caledonia’s three provinces must be genuine and verifiable.
    The Awarding Committee must consider that there is a sufficient degree of transformation.
  • Clarity in product offering at sales outlets
    In the event of local but non-artisanal products and/or imported finished products being on show alongside ARDICI mark eligible products at the same sales outlet, any display of the ARDICI mark which could mislead a purchaser will entail loss of the right to use the mark.

Communication kit & mentoring

If your application is approved, you are invited as a member to take part in a mentoring session organised by the CMA-NC.

The session is designed to provide you with detailed information about the ARDICI mark, with the aim of :

  • ensuring you are aware of how to use the mark
  • providing you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the means of communication included in your kit
  • providing you with key pointers on how to promote the mark to your customers

At the end of the mentoring session, the CMA-NC will hand you your communication kit : a digital logo, posters, stickers, flyers, labels, pennants and digital media.

The CMA-NC provides your first communication kit free of charge.

If you need a fresh supply of consumables (labels, stickers, flyers, posters), additional kits can be provided at a fixed sum of 5,000 (five thousand) XPF per kit.