ARDICI artisans

  • Furniture / Decoration

    Furniture / Decoration

    Unusual and imaginative pieces guaranteed to bring a touch of New Caledonian charm to your home: paintings, prints, posters, fine furniture, ceramics, sand pictures...

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  • Fashion / Accessories

    Fashion / Accessories

    Apparel for women and children, pouches and bags, household linen, leather goods, fabric articles... Designs glowing with tropical colour - vivid, vibrant and joyful.

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  • Jewellery


    Jewellery fashioned from pearls, gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, plant or recycled materials... New Caledonia's artisans create distinctive, high quality jewellery.

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  • Beauty care

    Beauty care

    A distillation of New Caledonia’s profusion of plants and flowers, a treasure trove of botanic goodness and pure fragrance just for you.

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  • Traditional Crafts

    Traditional Crafts

    Sculpture lies at the heart of Melanesian ancestral traditions, expressed in precious native woods, eternal and forever new.   

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  • Souvenirs


    Iconic symbols of New Caledonia, easy to transport and take home, embodying the vibrancy of local cultural traditions.

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